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The Law Offices of Alan E. Sohn Chartered
“He is my Trust and estates lawyer. Recently he did my will and it was a breeze, super simple process. I just had a conversation about the idea I had, we put it on paper and then he did the rest. His office is conveniently located in the loop. It was a very simple  process I would 100% recommend his services.“Adrian M.
"Alan has been my attorney for 20 years. He is an expert in Estate Planning and business court cases. Alan is very professional and he truly cares about his clients."Glenn R.
"My wife and I could not have chosen a more knowledgeable and professional attorney than Alan Sohn. For the services we required the work was timely, details always well explained and the cost of his services quite fair. We would highly recommend him to family and friends for their legal needs."Bruce R.
"Mr. Sohn updated and amended our Estate documents for myself and my family last year. His work was extremely professional and thorough, and done in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Sohn to anyone needing financial legal counsel."Ron D.
"Alan is exceptional. He is always prompt, informative and gets the job done! I highly recommend him. His assistant Kim is also very polite and professional. Superb customer service."Nadya P.
"Experienced and insightful Chicago business attorney and Estate Planning lawyer in Chicago - recommended."Brian B.
"Alan has an incredible amount of experience in his field. He listens to his client's goals and collaborates with them to come up with the best possible plan."Aaron M.
"Alan is extremely knowledgeable in his areas of practice and can offer very useful and insightful information pertaining to your specific situation. I highly recommend Attorney Alan Sohn for your estate planning or business succession needs"Linda C.
"I am a small business owner and a father of three in Chicago. For me, looking for legal help was not a process I looked forward to. When my wife and I found Mr. Sohn, we were confident that we found someone who is trustyworthy and honest. He helps us with small business needs and we are working on a family estate plan together. Since he is a business owner and family man himself, I feel that he relates to my needs. I would highly recommend Mr. Sohn for your small business planning and family estate planning."Sean
"Alan assisted me with some estate information after I contacted him regarding the sudden death of one of my clients. He was immediately available, took the time to thoroughly review my situation and offered some suggestions and advice. Ultimately, I did not require additional services, and thus never engaged Alan, however, I was impressed with his approach ability and commitment to determining the requirements of my particular situation. Alan's time and advice was well beyond what I expected from an initial phone conversation."Jason
"Alan is extremely well versed in estate planning and business law. His years of experience in this arena make him an asset to anyone who works with him. I fully recommend working with Alan Sohn."Michael
"I have known Alan for over 5 years and his integrity and knowledge of the law are second to none. Alan is precise and leaves nothing to chance."Lawrence
"We have recently updated our estate planning with Mr. Sohn for my family. His expertise and experience made this process very easy to understand and I was comfortable with the speed and accuracy in which everything was performed. Understanding the process was something that I did NOT do the 1st time I attempted to set up my estate, but this time I have a better understanding of not only what we are doing, but also why we are structuring the estate planning the way in which it was done. I would highly recommend Mr. Alan Sohn for this type of work as well as the legal business matters he has also successfully assisted me with over the years."A Satisfied Client
"Alan Sohn has addressed our family's legal needs for over a decade. His approachable, calm, and knowledgeable manner suited our family's requirements for estate services. Mr. Sohn is completely trustworthy and honorable; we never doubted his confidentiality. He receives our family's highest recommendation."Carol
“Alan is a consummate professional with extensive experience. He is someone who can thoughtfully guide you through a process that is important, but oftentimes disregarded. I would recommend Alan to anyone living!”Huy D.
“Alan helped my wife and I set up our wills and power of attorney documents and he was great to work with. He listened to our needs and was able to give us advice specific to our situation. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with!”Adrian S.
"He's an estate planning lawyer with a focus on asset protection."Brian B.