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The Law Offices of Alan E. Sohn Chartered

“I am a member of the Lawyers Connection group with Alan, and he is always willing to answer questions or help with possible referrals. I have never hired Alan personally but based on my interactions with him, I believe he is very knowledgeable and committed to his clients.”

Mark L., Real Estate Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer, who was experienced and able to protect his Executor client’s interests, as well as those of the Estate, during a vigorous and tenacious battle of heirs. He s a classy dresser as well!”

Felipe G., Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Alan has a tremendous amount of expertise and is a true professional. He is readily available for me as well as my clients. I highly recommend him as an expert in his field.”

Matthew A., Real Estate Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Having worked with Alan in protracted litigation on a major case, I know he is resourceful and innovative. His legal services are of a high quality.”

John D., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Alan Sohn is a gentleman, a scholar, and one of the best advocates a client could imagine. His encyclopedic knowledge of the law is masked by his modesty and concern for others. Businesses need to hire counsel that has the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right; Alan is that lawyer. I endorse his work.”

Roger S., Divorce and Separation Attorney

“Alan Sohn fits the classic definition of a trusted advisor. I always trust his counsel. His judgment and experience make him a “lawyer’s lawyer.” He is well versed is a broad variety of business and estate planning issues and has an easy, gentle way about him that endears him to judges, juries and clients alike. I strongly endorse Alan Sohn.”

Rafi A., Business Attorney

“Alan has been helping businesses handle their legal affairs for decades. Equally important, Alan understands the needs of a business and how his counsel affects the bottom line. I endorse this attorney.”

Howard A., Personal Injury Attorney